A spell To Expel or Banish Negative Energies

A spell To Expel or Banish Negative Energies

This spell will spiritually purify a spot, and exile undesirable energies. It is very useful for purifying a place of ritual before making a circle, and furthermore to expel remaining energy from unpleasant guests after a ritual.

You can even use this as a hurried safeguard to avert noxious spirits. Simply state the accompanying mantra out loud or in your mind, while attracting a pentagram in the air – envision the pentagram to be made of brilliant white light.

Toward the end of the mantra, let the white light departure so as to enlighten and sanitize each edge of the zone to be cleaned. “In these names that are over all others, the name of the extraordinary woman and powerful Lord, I hunt by seed, bloom and fruit of evils, I do magic on them with power and virtue, Whether compelled by chains Or came back to darkness, They may never irritate the hirelings of the divine beings.” For an option in contrast to this spell, you can utilize my Banishing Spell Kit, which comes with ingredients and full directions to cast a spell that can expel negative energies, circumstances and people from your life.

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